Soccer Club of Ridgefield, youth soccer in Western Connecticut

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General Tryout Procedure:
Players evalations for placement on travel teams are based on a combination of observation of play throughout the season and during a specific "tryout" period held during the spring of each year.  

All participants are ranked following tryouts, based on the evaluation criteria, as identified in the Travel Player Evaluation Form, and placed on a 'A', 'B' and if need be on a 'C' Travel team.  Players who are assessed as 'NOT TRAVEL READY' will be given the option to continue their development at the appropriate level of play in SCOR's House Division.  SCOR encourages players to take advantage of the various supplemental programs that cater to the continual individual player's ball, passing, shooting and agility skills


1) Travel team Head Coaches submit completed official 'SCOR Evaluation Report' forms to SCOR Director of Coaching based on the seasons performance, inclusive of commitment to team/club. Head Coaches evaluate and rank players at the start and end of the season.

2) Independent Professional Observers will evaluate candidates mid season using the identical 'SCOR Evaluation Report' forms and submit to SCOR Director of Coaching.

3) SCOR Independant Professional Observers will run the tryout sessions and candidates will be evaluated based on following topics:

- Technical (shooting, ball skills, 1st touch and passing)

- Physical (fitness, agility, strength)

- Game Insightfulness

4) Final candidate evaluations will be documented and used to determine final player rankings. Process allows current team head coach input to have potentially more weight towards the final grade.

5) Player rankings will be used to determine placement of candidates into either House, Travel 'A', Travel 'B', Travel ‘C’, or Premier level teams. Rankings could also document a player's current abilities to 'Play-up'.


Team Coach:   5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Average, 1 = Below Average 
  Technical, Physical, Psychological, Tactical, Commitment 
  12 topics to evaluate throughout season 
  Points are added up to determine final sub total grade  
Professional Observer :
5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Average, 1 = Below Average 
  Technical & Physical ONLY 
  7 topics to evaluate at Tryouts 
  Points are added up to determine final sub total grade 
Points from both Team Head Coach and Independent Professional Observers are added to gather to determine final rankings.  Should there be an inconclusive ranking scenario then :
  (1) players commitment level, or 
  (2) Technical grades will help finalize rankings. 











  • Definition of 'New' Candidate: Player who did not play for a SCOR Travel team during previous season, hence, no data is available from Travel Team Head Coach.
  • The Independent Professional Observer awards the 'New' candidate a sub total amount of points based on observations at tryouts.
  • In addition, 'NEW' Candidate(s) will be awarded another sub total amount of points from Independent Professional Observer(s) based on following formula:  Observer's Sub Total (5 x GLS) = Total Points

Grade Level System Accumulation Chart:

Excellent / 29-35 points = 5 GLS

Very Good / 22-28 = 4 GLS

Good / 15-21 = 3 GLS

Average / 8-14 = 2 GLS

Below Average / 0-7 = 1 GLS

Grade Level System (GLS):

5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Good, 2 = Average, 1 = Below Average

EXAMPLE: 30 (5 x 5) = 55 points